The Nightscapes of Light Sensation

In this September, Malaysia’s skyline is getting even more gleams and blooms. Get ready for the Malaysia’s first massive LED rose light show is about to take place! Romance, fun, beauty and amazement await you this September, so get ready to be part of this probable Guinness World Record event!

We are pleased to introduce “The Nightscapes of Light Sensation : Love Series”, a unique, colourful and mesmerising event which will be held 7-17 September 2016 at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS).

At the event, a total of 30,800 LED white roses will be lighted simultaneously, of which 800 handheld LED roses will be lighted by 800 people individually, in an official attempt to break the Guinness World Record as the “The Most LED Lights Lit Simultaneously”.

During the event, 30,000 LED white roses will be planted in the ground in the shape of a hibiscus, Malaysia’s national flower. White roses where chosen as a symbol of purity, love and hope, being lighted up in a positive message of light in these times of uncertainty. Spread over 200,000 square feet, this ocean of LED white roses is a breathtaking Malaysia Day message of unity and harmony, promoting love and light through fun and innovation, uniting Malaysians of all walks of life regardless of age, gender, race culture and language.

This event is open to public 5pm – 12midnight daily, and targets 150,000 visitors – families, young adults, couples in love, students and Malaysian from all walks of life.

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