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Jurassic Research Center : When Dinos Rule The Earth

February 10th, 2018 | adminowg | Tags:

10 February 2018

In a twist of fantasy and imagination, dinosaurs are walking the land again and roaming among mankind’s buildings. Located in Level 4, Sky Avenue Genting Highlands, Jurassic Research Center has the numbers of life-size, animated and screaming dinosaur replicas that are now open for dinosaurs enthusiasts. 

Current scientific consensus places the origin of dinosaurs at between 231 and 243 million years right up till 66 million years ago. Their past existence have inspired endless movies, books and art forms. People will always love dinosaurs for the simple reason that they are not around anymore.

In Jurassic Research Center, visitors can travel back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and uncover the mysteries of the planet’s prehistoric past. There were over 70 dinosaurs back to life (with the help of the latest animatronics technology) to create a hands-on interactive activity centre of epic proportions. What will be even more dramatic is, visitors can see all their favourite dinosaurs in their original sizes.

We combine entertainment with education in a variety of informative exhibits and displays for both children and adults. Meet and frolic with these creatures from millions of years ago and find out how they used to roam the Earth. Come and discover the enthralling realm of dinosaurs first-hand only in Jurassic Research Center, in Ripley’s Adventureland. 

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