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Chap Goh Mei at THE TOP@Komtar

February 11th, 2017 | adminowg | Tags:

Traditional Chinese Wedding 

On 11 February, 2017, a traditional Chinese wedding was reenacted at the atrium of THE TOP@Komtar. The event was carried out on the 15th and final evening of the Chinese New Year celebrations, which is often regarded as Chinese Valentine’s Day, reason being, it is the night of the full moon, and is therefore the most romantic night of the year. The reenactment at The TOP offers a glimpse of a particular portion of the wedding ceremony.  It starts with the wedding procession, with the bride on a hand-drawn carriage arriving at the groom’s home, heralded by a wedding band, with the bride’s family in the contingent.


Traditions of Love

THE TOP present a special designed package, which includes sparkling wine, a cocktail dinner and a photograph session exclusively at the Rainbow Skywalk and Orchestra of Dreams at RM388 per couple. That evening, we can see a lot of couple getting pictures taken together and some even proposed to their partner on the highest point of Penang on the Rainbow Skywalk to get the romantic mood going. Is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


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